Parking & Shuttle

Parking next to the beach

Parking & Shuttle

Parking & Shuttle

“Convenient parking without problems, a few minutes from the beach.”

Public, private and VIP parking. To reserve VIP parking call +34 683 108 343.

The shuttle service from CBbC is ideal to carry home our guests when there are no taxis available. Ask for availability 

At CBbC you can choose among three private areas of parking, in addition to the public parking in the CBbC surroundings, you can park your car safely in our private parking.

There is a private parking at the main entrance, CBbC Restaurant and VIP parking behind the Taittinger Lounge. The back of the  VIP parking at the Taittinger Lounge leads directly in this area, to improve the accessibility and, therefore, the convenience of our customers.

When you are asked to return home at the end of the day, ask for someone from the CBbC to call a taxi for you. If there are no taxis available at a reasonable time, you can enjoy our shuttle service in which our driver will take you and up to 4 other passengers where you have to go.

Currently, we have two vehcles so this service is subject to availability.