Coronita Lounge

Ideal lounge for Chiringo lovers
The little chiringo of Coronita Lounge, boasts a barely touched environment, and a few special cocktails. A perfect choice!

Horary: de 10:00 a 20:00
Open: May – September  

Tel. +34 902 300 444

The Coronita Lounge is the ideal place to enjoy a well-chilled Coronita, or a mixed cocktail with great food from the CBbC Restaurant or CBbC Sushi. Enjoy the unbeatable relaxing atmosphere and the comfort of fluffy pillows. In this area you can enjoy the convenience of the bamboo gazebos, placed in the shade, perfect for the utmost relaxation. However, you can choose one of the beds that are found on the outskirts of the area, with views to the horizon of Cala Bassa, ideal for enjoying Ibizan sunshine and to get a golden tan.

Coronita Lounge Map

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