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Interview with Celino Martinez, Sushiman of Cala Bassa Beach Club Ibiza

The largest Japanese community outside Japan is in Brazil, specifically in the city of Sao Paulo, where 75% of Brazilians of Japanese descent live.

In the early twentieth century and until the ’70s there was an immigration because of the existing demographic crisis in Japan and the consequences of first World War. Because of these circumstances currently exist in Brazil the largest Japanese colony in the world, outside the archipelago. It is no wonder then that the best chef in the world of Sushi are in Argentina or Brazil.

Our Sushiman answer:

Celino Martinez, Sushiman de Cala Bassa Beach Club

How did you start as Sushiman?

– The beginning of my learning came from a Japanese colony based in Brazil, called Kaikan, and they use in their kitchen a very sophisticated technique.

In the years 93-94, a very famous Japanese sushi man called Shirakawa San in Daichi Sushi Bar in Sao Paulo where I was just an assistant who cleaned the dishes, he asked me to help him, even though I had not worked before in any kitchen. So it was with great enthusiasm and effort, I trained for a time under the command of this prestigious Japanese chef, learning of his art.

In 1995 I was asked for a Sushi Club. This restaurant demanded people with a degree, but I managed to convince my commitment and dedication of my ability for the kitchen. Here I worked closely with Japanese chefs, so I continued learning. Later I was head of Kampai Sushi Bar restaurant in Guayana.

Proceso de la preparacion del sushi

Currently he is 42 and has spent 25 years working in Japanese cuisine. It characterizes a great personality to innovation in their dishes. It is a specialized especially in cook hot dishes. His three brothers are also sushiman, and one of them learned from him.

Currently takes four years on CBbC. In their dishes there is much creativity and Japanese and Brazilian fusion; All sauces are self-created.

We note that at the end of their season begins its work to innovate with new recipes: vegetarian, tropical, hot … Celino has a prodigious memory to remember when creating all recipes. He may remember recipes used many years ago. Apart from this peculiarity, he is knower of all Japanese cuisine, citing hundreds of names, almost unpronounceable, of types of pasta, for example.

How do you get inspired to create new dishes?

– I really think that to make a good dish you have to feel love for cooking and passion for this art, and it really was what happened to me when I first discovered sushi and sauces. In my work I try to create new dishes with new flavors and textures, that captivate the palate of the customer.

For example, each of the fish is used and has its own destiny, as one used to prepare sashimi, one for sushi, etc.

Celino Martinez

In his work of culinary research attempts to use any kind of fish to make their testing, innovating and creating very original, fun and varied options.

Our Sushiman tells us that the Sushi is not just a kind of delicious Japanese cuisine, but has different properties and benefits that promote health.

What do you think is the role of Sushi on healthy eating?

– The benefits it provides to our health sushi is that no fat, very little sugar, and almost no oil and instead has a high percentage of protein. Just think that worldwide the oldest people are the Japanese diet and still has a lot to do with it. In the sushi you can use many of the fish ingredients, strawberries, asparagus, onions, eggs, and a long list of natural and healthy products.

However, Celino considered that Japanese restaurants in Europe do not offer much variety of cooked Japanese food as they should, due to the lack of professionalism on the part of European chefs in this type of cuisine. So well, explains that not only learned Sushi, but also an extended range of alternative dishes as Robatayaki, Tepayaki, Sukiyaki and Shabu-Shabu.

What would you say lies the culmination of a good Sushi?

– After this long history of learning experience, I have concluded that success lies in offering top quality product. I do not motivate me to work anywhere, but in places where the highest quality raw ingredients. The fish and meat should always be fresh like other foods that accompany it. I intend to create my dishes in the true fusion between Japanese and Brazilian cuisine and do it with great care and affection.

I consider it very important to have a good eye to choose the freshest ingredients and a good ability to cut.

Our Sushiman is able to surprise even the most knowledgeable in sushi with art that unfolds in its dishes, and it will be difficult to match. It really is not easy to become a great sushiman quickly, but it is a slow and laborious process that requires long dedication, learning and experience. Besides much appreciation for what is done.

CBbC service offers you a unique and surprising offer that will not easily find. If you like to taste new flavors in our Beach Club you can always taste different flavors.

Mesa preparada con sushi

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